They say, if you conquer Pune, you can conquer the world. ' Yewale Chaha' has won Pune's heart and now we are set to win over not only Maharashtra, but entire India, and the World. It is our dream to serve Yewale Chaha not only in Darjeeling but at the each and every place in the world where people enjoy a good cup of tea. We have taken a big leap and now we are planning for the giant one.

The entire next gen of Yewale clan is working hard on making Yewale Tea a truly world-class brand. With the best quality and world-class service, we are ready to take on the world!

The secret of Yewale Chaha's success lies in its unmatched taste and its credit goes to each and every member of the Yeole family. It's not often that you find an entire family devoted to their business. The Yewale siblings passionately came together to collectively create an outstanding brand. They have been working hard and the hard work is paying off. Yewale Chaha's characteristics - impeccable planning, meticulous management and best service are a result of their teamwork.

Today, Yewale Chaha is taking big strides in business but we have not forgotten our humble roots. The Yewale Chaha success story is a testimony to the fact that hard work and honesty always pays off. We are always keen to help deserving Marathi youngsters who want to break into a business on their own. Therefore we prefer such youngsters over experienced businessmen while allotting our franchise. Many Marathi youngsters across Maharashtra have joined hands with us to fulfill their entrepreneurial dreams and we are proud to be associated with them.