We, the ‘Yewale’s belong to Askarwadi, a small village situated in Purandar tehsil of Pune district. My father owned two buffaloes. He used to sell their milk to run our household. He was a man of principles. So mixing water in the milk to make a profit was out of the question. The times he mixed water with milk were when he made tea. He was passionate about making tea. He had acquired plenty of experience while worked in a tea shop. That experience came in handy when my father decided to open his own tea shop on M.G. Road in partnership with one of his friends. The principal capital was the extra milk that would remain after selling the daily stock. The tea business soon flourished and my father bought another pair of buffaloes.

Yewale Chaha truly came into being in 1983. That year, we purchased our own shop in Salisbury Park. My mother had to part with her jewelry, but the gamble paid off. 'Ganesh Amruttulya' soon became Pune's favorite tea destination and with changing times, baked delicacies such as Khari, Biscuits, Nan Katai, and Cream Roll also became an integral part of Punekars' Amruttulya experience. In 2001, at the peak of our business, my father Shri Dashrath Bhairu Yewale left this world leaving his core business principles- hard work and honesty as his legacy for us. The legacy had to be nurtured and the entire Yewale family single-mindedly devoted their time to this cause. My father always dreamt of inventing a product that would remain timeless for generations to come. We decided to fulfill his dream. We started to brainstorm on what that product would be and then one day we remembered that my father used to tell about how many people would travel from far away places just to taste 'Ganesh Amruttulya'. That moment made us realize that what we were searching for was always there in front of our eyes. Changing times and market demands had forced us to shift our focus from our core product to secondary products.

We decided to return to the basics, to focus on our main product, our own brand of tea. Entrusting the responsibility of 'Ganesh Amruttulya' on our amazing and able cooks' shoulders for a while, we stepped out into the world for research. We met people, studied many tastes, experimented, failed, experimented again and again, and after many failed attempts finally discovered the amazing taste that would become the identity of ' Yewale Chaha'. The year was 2017. It was time to take the big leap. We zeroed in on a friend's food joint near Bharti Vidyapeeth to introduce our very own invented product to discerning Punekars. That was the genesis of ' Yewale Chaha'.

We started serving Punekars with uncompromising quality, warm reception and humble service and Punekars embraced us with open arms. Within a short period of time, Yewale Chaha became Punekars' favorite tea brand and now we have outlets all around the city. In the next five years, we plan to make Yewale Chaha an integral part of each and every Punekar's tea time.